Georgia State School Superintendent Dr. Barge #gaetc11 Speech

Notes from his speech in opening session.

The reality is technology is engaging. if we are going to improve student achievement it must become relevant and engaging. Was curriculum director. For Bartow County. They wrote their own app.

Doesn't think you can ever replace a teacher with technology. They can get information from the Internet. Rigor relevance relationship. Can't have a relationship with technology. That comes through computer.

Taking about longitudinal data system that is state wide in the state of Georgia. Says it will become "one of your best friends" will have all lesson plans and data for the common core. Everything you need for those students will be there. You can identify specific standards.

With common core they will have access to what all other states are doing. Working with KY and ND already. Is up in 95% of districts now. One of his goals is for DOE to be a service agency for teachers and districts.

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