Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 11/10/2011

  • "Fully 95% of all teens ages 12-17 are now
    online and 80% of those online teens are users of social media sites." This important report that just came out November 8, 2011 looks into how studens are using these online sites.

    "88% of social media-using teens have witnessed other people be mean or cruel on social network sites." -- We have bystanders we need them to speak out.

    25% of social media teens have had an experience on a social network site that resulted in a face-to-face argument or confrontation with someone.
    • 22% have had an experience that ended their friendship with someone.
    • 13% have had an experience that caused a problem with their parents

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  • This is where students are heading. This makes it worth it. Here is a student of mine from a few years back who has graduated and gone on to college. She has created a blog to sell her knitting and is raking in the orders. She's also markting through Facebook. Look at these stunning photographs and this beautiful blog. I'm so proud I could cry.

    When you teach a student to blog and take beautiful pictures you are introducing them to their future. While I certainly cannot take credit for her raw talent, I can look at this and know I was a tiny part of her beauty and career. That perhaps I gave her a jumpstart. I look at this and say "YES!" I'm so proud. She graduated in 2010 and here she is doing this. (Hasn't had any classes in this in college BTW, she's doing this on her own.)


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  • Play pacman while you search. A great play for those 80's searchers.

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  • Use your Google chrome browser to mess with people's minds. Google gravity is a funny way to search. The students love it. The search box stays at the bottom. This could make some interesting graphics if you're using screen capture.

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