Are your Presentations 2.0 yet -- Tips and Insights on the New Presentation 2.0

As I work on my presentations for NECC, I'm just not quite there yet, so I want to share some great presentations that are inspiring me.

Teemu Arina - Read his reflections on creating the new presentation and see the presentation. (Adobe Acrobat format)

Of course Teemu got some advice from Garr Reynolds over at Presentation Zen where I'll be spending some time as well. I particularly like the following posts from Garr:
Off to slideshare to look at some favorites.

Judy O'Connell's Creative Web 2.0 learning is great (shown below) -- it discusses the layout of libraries at the end. Some of the slides are a bit wordy but many of them are knockout incredible!

I just like the one that the Jaiku folks did. I like the way at the beginning that they pulled out the text that they wanted to share -- really cool.

Of course, you've got to look at Shift Happens again, it is just so good.

And remember, to upload those slides to and tag them NECC2007 so that they'll get "picked up" and read. You might generate interest in your presentation, but then again, If you type EVERYTHING on the slide, (a big no no to the slide readers out there) you might give away your presentation.

What is your favorite Presentation 2.0 slide?
When I get it figured out, I'll share it with you!

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