NECC: Wikis in the Classroom, Web 2 and other presentations

I've been uploading the presentations that I shared at NECC -- I don' t have all of the audio files, yet, but here are the slideshares:

Wikis in Education with Adam Frey

Women of Web 2
I shared some cool new tools in Web 2 (including some from other bloggers at the blogger cafe that day!)

Flat Classroom Project: Online Learning with a Web 2 Spin

This was a poster session -- Here was our poster (designed by my sister)
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And the handout (in pdf format) explaining the basics of the Flat Classroom and Horizon Projects in a comparison grid. If you want to know what we did, this is your handout.

Elluminate/ Crick Software Presentations
I spent some time with these companies and shared a presentation I call Think Global/ Teach Global (redone in Presentation 2.0 style, of course -- still getting there.)
**It didn't upload correctly to slideshare so it will come your way later.**

Some other Must see NECC resources:
  • NECC Live Webcasts -- Julie and I are on this show which will be published at some point on this page, meanwhile, one webcast is already up.
  • Official NECC Podcasts - Adam Frey and I spent some time talking about Wikis but there are some other great podcasts that are already available here. Ours will be posted here as well.
It was a great conference and I have to post at least 4 more sessions that were in my notes (b/c no laptop plug was available) -- but that will have to be later.

Meanwhile, if I see a bit distant, I am tired, but also my grandmother is not doing well and expected to die at any moment, I have to be with my family.

I treasure the experience as NECC as truly a highlight of my educational career. The blogosphere is full of great people with a variety of perspectives but who really care about kids... and that is what we are about...shaping student lives.

So many ask me, "what's next" and indeed many work hard to "score" so they can get out of the classroom. I am called to the classroom, I love to teach and indeed any move away from the classroom would be a demotion for me. I love to teach!

Thank you all for being such a great part of my NECC experience, whether you are a reader, commenter, or edublogger.

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