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OK, guys, it is going to take forever to get all of these things in. I am posting my raw notes here - - have also posted at the wiki where others will edit and correct. I'm so sorry that I didn't get everyone's name on there correctly.

My opinion
Guys, it was awesome -- it was awesome -- it was transformational -- we've got to have a plan for advocating digital citizenship and literacy or it will be done for us. When we go to politicians, it shouldn't be with a laundry list but with a proposal for what we should do.

Enjoy the notes, guys, I'll make more sense of it later for you.

Session with Will Richardson and Chris Lehman --

  • Contextualize the change. -
  • Active Boards - Brian Crosby -- the use of active boards is changing his society.
  • Turn lose in a car - we have a national cause.
  • When you go to DC -- have one pitch. -- National Internet training.
  • Importance of having one thing with a politician. Not a laundry list -- looking at it.
  • How politicians are embracing web 2 - David Jakes -- they are beginning to see the power of blogging and educators -- we need to take advantage of their growing awareness -- Obama, John Edwards. Understand first hand the power of a tool.
  • Chris Sessums - Dave Warlick -- when you talk about technology you scare half the room -- when you talk about literacy -- that is something that politicians understand -- literacy -- reading and writing.
  • Will Richardson -- what is the definition of literacy. Should we redefine it.
  • Chris Lehman - creating the 21st century workforce. I don't teach in a trade school. 21st century citizen. Digital citizenship. Saw a great term -- prosumer. Critical consumers of information. Seth Godin - prosumer. The nature of the way we deal with information is changing. Means -- necessary of understanding the computer.
  • Walkthrough on literacy -- in faculty meeting - definition of literacy -- whole notion of literacy is begin able to participate in society and government.
  • Knowledge doubling every 24 months -- knowledge doubling every 48 hours -- knowledge isn't doubling -- information is.
  • Teach wisdom -- making sense -- Chris Lehman. It is the job of teachers. Wisdom.
  • Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach -- look at teacher competencies -- what do they need to be?
  • David Jakes -- 2.0 environment - politicians -- our energies are taken in stopping bad bills. Get over the fear factor.
  • Is it because we haven't submitted a positive bill?
  • Alfred thompson - Not understood as a two way communication -- only a way to get a message out -- not to get it in? Boston -- citiwide internet safety education program.
  • David -- how scared are we that students aren't going to have the skills?
  • Connect to deeply held values -- held to deeply held forces.
  • *** Person across - truly scary stories -- 1% of a percent. Know the other side, we'll be more able to provide our "own poison" -- We cannot candy coat it.
  • Literacy/ Safety -- National Internet Literacy -- Chris - should we call it Literacy or Safety.
  • What is the worst consequence to your best idea.
  • Responsible, ethical, safe use. Digital citizenship.
  • Chris is quoting Paul Allison -- these are the tools that kids have to use. We are doing a disservice not teaching them how to use them responsibly and well. If schools don't adapt to deal with it.
  • Digital citizenship not safety.
  • Intellectual freedom. Librarians are the only ones who have fought for intellectual freedom for children. Technologists should take up. ISTE -- Children have rights to a diverse opinion.
  • Steve -- blocking. School policies.
  • Parent piece.
  • Chris -- so many policies are creating gotcha moments -- negative environment for school systems -- everyone is capable of being fired If you're not ready to lose your job, you're not ready to do your job. Cannot let fear of what can go wrong stop us from doing what is right. We are living in this moment -- spin it as negatively as possible and put it on the local tabloid.
  • Policy issues -- cell phones, ipods. Positive uses of ipods -- ISTE Board. Give kids a voice.
  • Chris - media.

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