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If you're attending NECC (or virtually attending):

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  • Join and post your photos to the NECC2007 Group set up by the Yahoo Educators folks.
  • I had to set up another flickr separate from the one I use for school.
  • I had to relearn how to use notes. Each photo you upload has a button that says Add note -- you can see my room at NECC and workdesk-- see the boxes, those are notes.

  • Photos of NECC you'll want to see:
    • I was inspired by Tim Wilson's podcave, although his room could fit about 5 of mine in it!

    • David Warlick got a view of things before they start.

    • David's photo of the announcement for the edublogger conference, seems like yesterday, Steve Hargadon was asking if it was a possibility.
    • The organizers of NECC have been busy stuffing our bags.

    • If you Flickr, just make sure to tag it NECC2007.
Where I am Presenting
I'm not going to talk about sessions I'm going to b/c they may change and we all need to pick based upon what our objectives are for the conference. Let's say -- I look for inspirational people wherever they are. So, here is where I'm presenting/attending.

Saturday, June 23
Attending Edubloggercon -- All Day

Sunday, June 24
Refreshing NETS for Teachers: A Catalyst for Digital Age Teaching Standards [Other Program Events]
Location: OMNI Grand E

Monday, June 25

1:40 - 2:00
International Leadership Summit: Learning Technology Development, Research, and Dissemination [Other Program Events] (Presenting at the Poster Session with Julie Lindsay from 10:00 - 11:00)
Location: GWCC B203

Presenting at the Elluminate Booth

Tuesday, June 26
11:00 - 11:20 am


9:00 - 10:00 pm
Presenting at the Elluminate booth

Flat Classroom Project: Online Learning with a Web 2.0 Spin [Poster] * (Vicki Davis With Julie Lindsay)
Location: GWCC Galleria (Posters)

Tune in to for our LIVE NECC Supershow. Whether you're attending or not, come and share your WOW's and what you've learned.
Wednesday, June 27
Using Wikis in the Classroom [Session] *
Location: GWCC B308 (I will present with Adam Frey and Julie Lindsay)
Women of Web 2.0: Collaborative Content Coaching [Session] *
Location: GWCC Murphy 4 (With all the ladies of Women of Web 2 -Jennifer, Cheryl, Sharon, and I!)

I'm excited (and nervous.) There are so many people I want to see and learn from. I also look forward to hearing the stories of many.

Virtual Attendees
Remember, if you're attending virtually tag NECC2007 and virtual_attendee -- I'm watching that list if any of you use it.

We will not be isolated... for a week anyway
I was thinking today, after reading that the primary reason that teachers quit in the first three years of teaching is isolation, that perhaps why we get so excited is that we have an audience -- someone who understands how we feel about technology and its power to teach... or that we perceive feels the same way we do. I hope that it helps.

It is more than computer apps
I rode horses the other day and listened to a middle school principal talking about technology -- he said that they have a computer applications class like that was it. It is so much more than just computer applications and so many computer applications classes are far short of what they need to be, in my opinion, as one who teaches them.

And yet my heart is elsewhere
I am excited -- looking forward to meeting people. Hoping that people come to my sessions (don't we all) and I'm going to be honest here -- very prayerful about my grandmother, who is in Tennessee and has come down with pneumonia.

I am concerned for her because she is far more important than a conference. My mother has told me to be here, but a part of me will be with her. We are waiting and watching to see what will happen.

I will work hard to honor her for she is truly a great woman -- she gave up her hoped for college education to send her deaf brother to school and he went on to do amazing things as did she. (See my post about him.) She took me to Alaska as an impressionable eighth grader and invested her life in loving me, my sisters, and cousins. As I think of her, I will remember the words of her favorite song, His Eye is on the Sparrow, and will know that both she and I are being watched this week.

See you at NECC!

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