How to easily follow the Future of Education Conference

Ok, if you've never quite gotten twitter, try this.

1) Go to and subscribe or RSS or bookmark (the latter if you don't use twitter.)

This is the page where George Siemens tells us what is going on at the Future of Education Conference this week.

2) Check on it when you have a moment to see what is happening at the conference and join in!

If George uses Twitter well, you'll "get" why so many of us use it!

Here's George's info today!

Today is the first full day of the Future of Education Conference. We have an exciting line up of presenters to spur our discussions: Sugata Mitra, Chris Sessums, Dave Cormier, and Dave Snowden. These presenters will explore broad subjects from self-organizing learning systems, teacher professional development, communities of the future, complexity science views of knowledge. The sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend the live session.

To Attend Today's Sessions:

  1. Check the conference schedule (scroll down for today's session).
  2. Sign into elluminate 10-15 minutes prior to the presentation: click here to access elluminate
  3. Following the presentations, express your thoughts, views, etc. in the Moodle dicussion forums.

On the weekend, Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay provided a compelling discussion on why we must begin to see education as a global, collaborative activity, rather than local and isolated. If you missed their session, the recording is available here .

Twitter - do you use Twitter? If so, you'll find our : conference Twittering here

Later today, I will post a summary of the topics presented during our discussion last week on "what education will look like in 10 years". The key themes will be presented in separate discussion threads.

Looking forward to some great discussion!


...and again, thanks to Elluminate for offering the live conference services...and for University of Manitoba's Learning Technologies Centre and Extended Education for sponsoring the event.

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