BAM! You're there! NECC Feeds for Every Session: Blogs, Flickr, Slides

Wow, Steve Hargadon works like a blaze of lightning. Literally at 1:30 yesterday (my time) we were talking about the fact that NECC has created session tags for all of their sessions and the need to aggregate these and have feeds.

I'm not really sure if the PR folks knew what we were talking about, but Steve did. Ever the Web 2.0 supporter of educational technology, he took every session for NECC and created a Blog (via Google Blogsearch) and Flickr feed for each of them.

(This is why I like to jump on board with what Steve does, he works hard, acts quickly, and has done a great service for the educational community with this one! He also keeps his word.)

So, if you're presenting at NECC, make sure that you tag everything!! And if you're going or not going and can't make it to everything you wish to attend, just go to Steve's list and create a special NECC pageflakes or folder in your RSS reader -- and BAM, you're there. (Here's a tip, use the find box in your browser to find the people you want, it is a very long list!)

Here are the places where I'm presenting:

Frey, Adam: 'Using Wikis in the Classroom' in B308 at 12:00 on Wednesday (also: Victoria A. ''Vicki'' Davis)
Tag=n07s643 Blog Posts / Blog RSS / Flickr / Flickr RSS

Wagner, Jennifer: 'Women of Web 2.0: Collaborative Content Coaching' in Murphy 4 at 13:30 on Wednesday (also: Victoria A. ''Vicki'' Davis, Cheryl Oakes, Sharon Peters)
Tag=n07s680 Blog Posts / Blog RSS / Flickr / Flickr RSS

Lindsay, Julie: 'Flat Classroom Project: Online Learning with a Web 2.0 Spin' in Galleria (Posters) at 13:00 on Tuesday (also: Victoria Davis)
Tag=n07s446 Blog Posts / Blog RSS / Flickr / Flickr RSS

See you online or see you there! (And don't forget Dave Warlick's Hitchhikr for general conference coverage.

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