The need for tagging standards

Just finished a great discussion with Steve Hargadon's session on School 2.0 (don't turn me out) -- but it was about what we need to do to build a mass repository of best practices and resources. The answer... don't build anything new but harness the power of something like delicious, etc.

Great discussion (see the notes.)

  1. We need a database for links and database for matching common curricular needs/ time frames.
  2. We need tagging standards by grade level and subject area (content level). See
  3. We need a volunteer group to volunteer to tag resources in delicious. We will investigate the possibility of having a network and pull the RSS feeds for the standard tags from just that delicious network. (if it is possible)
  4. It needs to be simple and have video tutorials or other information to help people get up to speed.
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