Middle School Peer Review for Horizon

Chrissy from New Zealand has shared her practices for her middle school peer reviewers. Chrissy says:

This was an amazing undertaking and the results are stunning! It was an absolutely privilege to be part of this project and the students in my class who did some of the reviewing were blown-away at times with the information they were reading and watching and learning! These students got to review multimedia presentations and wikis completed by students that they themselves will one day be. I have no doubt that being involved in this process will seriously raise the level of multimedia and wikispace presentation in my class.

I think she hits on an important point, peer review is a great way to get students ready for what you expect. I spent the last three days in 9th grade peer reviewing horizon: why? It is what they will do in 10th grade.

How about having students spend the last week peer reviewing the work of students who have just completed the prior year. I am seriously considering the fact that I need to harness the power of peer review much more than I have.

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