Possibility of malware causes teacher verdict to be set aside.

Andy Carvin has the best coverage of the trial of the substitute teacher, Julie Amero, who was accused of intentionally exposing minors to pornography, when in fact, the computer was infected with malware and school policies did not allow a substitute teacher to shut down a computer.

Those of us who work with computers have been continually flabbergasted at the innaccuracies that are so obvious to many of us. Yet another reason for the general populace to be educated about computers. So, read Andy Carvin's post, here is a summary.

The state and the defense now possess additional forensic evidence concerning the history of the computer's use both before and after the alleged incident. Had that information been available to the state at the time of the trial, the state ... would not have urged the jury to reach certain inaccurate conclusions regarding ... the alleged purposeful access to offensive Web sites. In the interests of justice, the jury's verdict must be set aside.

With the new trial, Amero will have a chance to present the new evidence. The saga continues.... -andy

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