Basic NECC Schedule

Hey, folks, I've had a little trouble with my program search today and want to share where I'll be at NECC. I've put a * beside where I'll be presenting.

I hope if you stop by, you'll say hello, but I hope you'll do me another favor. Take your business card, write your blog on the back and/or your interest in what is going on in the edublogosphere. For example, "I'd really like to do a flat classroom project" or "I need some advice on blogging in my classroom" -- make sure I have your e-mail.

The last conference I attended, I missed making and keeping connections with so many great people because I was rushing and didn't have my planner out. So please help me remember you -- I love connecting with other teachers and people who love teaching! In fact, I'd suggest doing this with all of the big presenters.

If you really want to talk -- come to the edubloggercon
And if you're really dying for conversation -- come on and join the FREE edubloggercon that Steve Hargadon (of Infinite Thinking Machine FAME!) has put together from 9-5 on Saturday, June 23rd at the Georgia World Congress Center, Room B308.

There are so many people there that I am DYING to meet. I'll also be meeting Julie Lindsay for the first time there, so if you have a camera and you're there at 9 am -- be ready!!

We wish we had a sponsor for the refreshments!! (Little cyber-hint there.)

Look who is attending! (I'd list their names but there are so many incredible ones to list!!!) Join in and add your name! Its worth coming in early!

If you haven't already, use the NECC planner, a really cool tool. The only problem I'm having is that my search is somehow NOT WORKING! Not sure why, but I hope all of you will share when and where you're presenting so that I can add you!

Remember the tagging standards for NECC
Whether there or not, if you want to make your voice heard use the following tags:


For edubloggercon:

David Warlick has set up a hitchhikr to allow you to follow the conference. Remember, last year I blogged from home and learned a lot!!

My NECC Schedule

Sunday, June 24
Refreshing NETS for Teachers: A Catalyst for Digital Age Teaching Standards [Other Program Events]
Location: OMNI Grand E
Monday, June 25
International Leadership Summit: Learning Technology Development, Research, and Dissemination [Other Program Events]
Location: GWCC B203
Tuesday, June 26
Flat Classroom Project: Online Learning with a Web 2.0 Spin [Poster] * (With Julie Lindsay)
Location: GWCC Galleria (Posters)
Wednesday, June 27
Using Wikis in the Classroom [Session] *
Location: GWCC B308 (with Adam Frey and Julie Lindsay as my guest)
Women of Web 2.0: Collaborative Content Coaching [Session] *
Location: GWCC Murphy 4 (With all the ladies of Women of Web 2)
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