The Blog world paralyzed when Technorati goes down!

What has happened? I've checked Technorati about 2 hours a go and it was DOWN!

Guess what -- it is still down.

Meanwhile, I went to the Google Blogsearch to find out what is happening and the blogosphere echoes:

Is Technorati Down?

Site performance is so fundamental to user experience and adoption, I cannot understand why Technorati does not get its IT house in order instead of devoting resources to graphical redesign and feature creep.

Technorati Down Again? Everybody Panic

"There are myriad blogs complaining about the site being down or other issues.

While my experience with them has been mostly good (and again other options are pretty limited) when they do go down bloggers everywhere seem to go into a frenzy. That whole self-importance effect of the empowered masses."

Breaking Rumors, News, and Truemors

Is Technorati sold or down? The site has not responded for 30 minutes.

Well it is much longer than 30 minutes now. I wonder what the news will be tomorrow -- virus? Upgrade? Excuses?

Bloggers (like myself) have long depended on the keyword search and trackback features by Technorati. Is it perhaps a victim of its own blog generated success, overwhelmed at last and bitten by the very lion it has fed for so long?

Meanwhile, those who depend on Technorati are removing code from their site (I don't have time, unless it continues.)

Apparently Technorati is down. As I normally have code from it embedded in both the main and individual pages, this has caused the site to load slowly, improperly or not at all.

Stay tuned...

And as a final statement of faith that Technorati will return, below are my tags.

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