Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 04/04/2012

  • The worldwide hacker roundup continues with the re-arrest of a British Teenager hacking with LulzSec ( a splinter group from the Anonymous hacking group.)

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  • Yahoo and Facebook square off in suits and countersuits as the patent wars heat up. I find it unfortunate that companies are turning to lawsuits to make money and gain advantage instead of letting market innovation and customer satisfaction count. I think it is a fundamental flaw when a society turns to the courts  in this way. There are ads telling people to call lawyers and "this may be your lucky accident" (as I heard the other day.) 

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  • A wiki where fans edit information about things they like. Another example of a wiki that is somewhat of an offsping of wikipedia. As Wikipedia has gotten more formal in editing requirements, those who like the free-er atmosphere from the early days of wikipedia are moving elsewhere to places like this. This wiki has no notability requirements. Anything can be added that one likes.

    It looks like, however, that this site has locked down editing (for now) because they didn't have enough editors. However, this is a pretty large wiki.

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