Will you help judge a few videos? #flatclass

We are in great need of some judges to help review student multimedia for TWO projects. 
Both of these projects have many students madly finishing off multimedia work, with a timeline for judging to start by mid-May. We will be holding a Judges Orientation meeting around May 1 to go over expectations. However all information is on the respective wiki.

If you have a couple of hours spare in mid-May we welcome you warmly to sign up on the Ning link(s) above and follow instructions on the associated wiki to put your name next to the preferred topic of interest.

If you have any other teachers in your schools who would like to learn more about our projects through judging the final product, we welcome them to sign up as well.

Many thanks everyone.

Julie Lindsay

Just received this in my inbox and wanted to see if you want to learn about how to judge multimedia. It takes about 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours in early May. I know you're busy, but if any of you can help out, it is very appreciated. As the students are studying current trends in technology and education, it is a great way to get up to speed on current trends. Join us! -- Vicki

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