Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 04/27/2012

  • The newest graduates of the Flat Classroom Certified Teacher program 11-3 have "graduated!." They are an amazing group of teachers: Cynthia Sandler, Cindy Shultz, Kathy Scarpato, Sandy Wisneski, Phil Macoun, Kevin Duncan, Michell McGarvey. Read about them and their projects on the blog. Congratulations! It was great getting to know you!

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  • Google Drive is covered under same terms of service as other Google services. This means they can scan your data and us it to share with third party vendors for advertising purposes. For this reason, I'm not using Google Drive. I'm already in so deep, I'll just keep paying dropbox.

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  • Google drive is a file storage site, however, I"m seeing many not willing to activate this service as it has been explained to me that according to Google Terms of service that they may "publicly perform" what you upload to the Google Drive. What does this mean?. I'm looking into this. It is an interesting service and 5GB is free, however, this terms of service, is not a good thing.

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