Elearning and global competency #flatclass #globaled 04/14/2012

  • The NetGen project evaluates the Horizon Report trends (on the future of education) against Don Tapscott's NetGen Norms as students predict how their generation will use and relate to the technologies in college in the future. This is a phenomenal way to learn about how education will transform at the college level via video. Like Flat Classroom, it takes 1-2 hours during part of the first and second weeks of May. Thank you for considering this.

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  • We need volunteers to be judges for Flat Classroom12-1 but also for NetGenEd 2012. IF you are willing, here are the instructions for how to sign up for Flat Classroom. This is a great way to learn how to evaluate digital stories and to bring yourself up to speed on current technology. You are also listed as a judge and receive training on how to evaluate the artifacts. Please join us! Thanks.

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  • For those who study Sikhism and the holiday of Vaisakhi as part of cultural literacy, here is some information on this event and the belief systems as you talk about it in your global awareness curriculum.

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  • A mindmap I just drew about Open Education Connections http://t.co/OqYmwB51 instead of #oer #oer12hf #flatclass

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