Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 04/18/2012

  • This gutsy post from Lee Kolbert deserves to make the rounds.

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  • Jonathan Bergmann from "flipped classroom" spoke last week in Harvard. This week, there is  a Washington Post article on the concept which is certainly gaining momentum. 

    I had a great conversation with Jonathan about the things that people mistakenly think about the flipped classroom. He insists that it is "NOT" about just video but about UDL and reaching every learner. He also says that students really like videos made in their own teacher's voice. (Which would counter claims that all the videos should be made for teachers.) This is a great article. Jonathan's book is coming out in June.

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  • If you're on Pinterest and looking for resources, there is a fabulous set of teaching resources coming through TES on Pinterest. 

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  • Use the Xbox to help students with math. If this pilot works, this is attractive for many.

    "Thanks to a partnership with Microsoft, 12 HISD schools a received new X-Box 360 Kinect full gaming system and several video games for free as part of a national pilot program to enhance math curriculum and engage students in the classroom using innovative technology.
    Harris said the game system is helping students master math concepts quickly."

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  • I love this conversation from Natasha Devon, body image expert and recovered bulimic. Please read to help get inside the mind of what we're dealing with here and the messages from media (particularly to girls) about how we "should" look, "should" behave, and "should" be so we can be happy and live good lives. So much of it is manufactured unattainable hogwash, but still many of us (including me) struggle with self esteem issues that come from the fact that we aren't the "type" of person we see in the media who is a "popular" person. Criticize as you will, but it is reality for many of us.

    From Natasha:
    "I have one hour to convey the message that inspired my business, Gossip School; just one hour to emphasise the importance of self-esteem, to give these young people the tools to recognise negative messages from the media and to convince them that it is OK to be themselves, however they look."

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