Take the #youmatter Teacher's Lounge Challenge

Mom's coffee cake that will be in the teacher's lounge in 15 minutes and gone in 30. ;-)

We need cheerleaders. Teachers who encourage and help us "seize the day" and know we're going to make it.

I don't have a lot of time this morning, but I'm going to give you a poem that I'm taking to the teacher's lounge this morning. I took some funny teacher cartoons and put it on the top of the paper and then put this poem at the bottom:

You are going to make it, the end is near. Just hold on for life to all you call dear. 
Our school is a special gift and has been blessed beyond measure. These times are our legacy and ones we should treasure. 
But meanwhile we have a lot to do now! And with kids already on vacation, we have to wonder how. 
Grades to take, things to teach, projects galore – we’re already tired when our feet hit the floor. 
But these times will flee and time is so hurried, let’s work together, laugh, and work instead of getting too flurried. 
You are my heroes, you do great things, you will make it!  So today, take your empty tummy and put some coffee cake in it!
You could take the coffee cake and replace it with whatever you take to everyone. The note at the bottom reads.

You are loved! We’re going to make it! You matter! Your work is important!

Take time to encourage others en masse.

In the daily challenges on Twitter, I often ask you to buy a friend a favorite soda or something like that. But today, I'm throwing down the hatchet (or coffee cake as it may be) and asking you, my friends, to take the #youmatter Teacher's Lounge Challenge. (Hat tip to Angela Maiers for inspiring the #youmatter hashtag sweeping the Twittersphere.)

Tell others You Matter!

Her Tedx talk in Des Moines recently is one that everyone in education should watch. (embedded below)

Do something for all the teachers to bring a smile, encourage, and let the other teachers know that they matter to you. Do it as a group. Do something. If you're an admin - do something.

Some people understand love with things like this and words don't matter to them so DO SOMETHING. Our principal leaves cakes in the teacher's lounge on random days. It is silly to think it makes a difference, but it makes a BIG difference. I'm eating that cake thinking, "my principal really does notice me." Mrs. Betty, our curriculum director does the same thing sometimes.

If you can't think of an idea:

So, feel free to copy that poem and plan something spontaneous to put in the teacher's lounge. If you write your own poem or have a good message, share it so we can all encourage each other. Sometimes something very little like this can make a big difference so take time to encourage others.

Any old sourpuss can be crabby and steal joy but the gifts to this world are those who give encouragement. Right now we ALL need encouragement.

Take the #youmatter Teacher's Lounge Challenge and plan something by yourself or with friends to encourage your entire teaching staff. (Why stop there, after the teachers, take it to students, parents... end the school year well.)

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