Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 04/19/2012

  • Will Richardson is opting out. Here is why.

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  • There are some great photographs in the Google Photography prize finalists. They had over 20,000 students who submitted. There are 100 in the gallery and some of them are incredible. If you love photos and enjoy students, you'll like looking at these.

    Here are the winners:
    "Our judging panel of seven leading photography experts chose the 10 finalists whose work will be shown in our exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery. Today we’re announcing the finalists: Collin Avery (U.S.), Viktor Johansson (Sweden), Kyrre Lien (Norway), Alexandra Claudia Manta (Romania), Balázs Maté (Hungary), Adi Sason (Israel), Oliver Seary (UK), Dana Stirling (Israel), Sasha Tamarin (Israel), Zhao Yi (China). Here are examples of the finalists' work—you can see their full albums on their Google+ profiles."

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  • The London 2012 games are around the corner. They will be July 27- August 12, 2012. Here is the official website. The Paralympic Games will be August 29-Sept 9. They have a Twitter account as well for the games, you could follow it as a class and keep up with it. Since many schools will be returning during the Olympics, there could be a tie in with the start of school.

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