Sitting still does not mean learning (It is time for school redesign)

I am a blogger for the Balancing Act on the Lifetime Channel and enjoy watching their many videos on learning. Yes, each session does have a vendor (this one is Virco talks about the Zrock rocking chair) on the piece, however, I had to share this one that I totally agree with that shows and talks about the redesign of schools from furniture, to making them green, to use.

At the beginning of this video, the speaker says:

"Sitting still does not mean learning."

I have students all the time who lean back (and break) my regular "four on the floor" chairs because they lean back. I am a leaner and like to lean back as well. In this clip, they have a school that bought these "rocking chair" style chairs for their students and it totally warms my heart to see the students rocking. They need this!

In the Flat Classroom book, we talk about in Chapter 7: Choice - giving students choices. I believe students need choices. Ewan McIntosh shares in the book his 7 spaces  in schools about how we have to redesign schools. A conversation in South Africa at the Microsoft Partners in Learning conference opened my eyes to the fact that we need to design for learning and choice from the ground up. We don't need typical desks any more for what we're trying to do.

(See his 7 spaces of technology in schools vimeo video below.)

The Seven Spaces of Technology in School Environments from Ewan McIntosh on Vimeo.

I also love the green school they show at the end that is completely sustainable and creates its own electricity and water.

IF you're looking at what school design needs to be, this video segment is an excellent opportunity to look at some schools and ideas.

Adding this to my Big Little Thing #6: Look at your school from the chairs out.

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