Think about what you really want today

Now that I have my first book and into writing my second one and have spoken at Harvard (two things that were admittedly dreams for me, don't criticize, just go with me here) I realized this morning during my quiet time that what I really want is a good relationship with my children.

My oldest graduates next year and my middle will be a junior.

What if I worked all of this time and hadn't published my first book, would I have missed out on things with my oldest because of some dream?

Books are like children: you want them to change the world and sometimes they don't but they cost you everything. (They also both bring you lots of legacy and joy but for me, the book joy is a thing yet to be seen except for the tweets and notes I get via email of those it has helped.)

My son won't be here forever, he's getting ready to move on. Am I so ignorant and foolish that I just have taken for granted this relationship? Do I treat him and spend time with him as I should? It is more than just cooking dinner and picking up 2 double cheeseburgers for his "snack" every night.

Think Today, Please.

I'm running to school right now but my message for you this morning is to think about what you REALLY want out of life. As long as your tummy is full, and the bill collectors aren't calling it is most likely something that DOESN'T cost money.

Meaning, relationships, legacy. These are things that require an investment of time.

Take a moment today to list three intangible things that you REALLY want out of life and make it a point THIS WEEKEND to pursue those people (or things).

Time is passing and relationships can't wait.

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