The Artistry of Teaching: And a few thoughts from the Blue Man Group

Most days I feel like a blue man making music out of some pipes and sticks! Great teachers make beautiful music without the resources. Trail blazers use a medium that others do not use... I mean how many rock bands are there?

But these guys put on blue heads and use pipes and make music.

I think we need to look at things a little differently sometimes. See your uniqueness and lack of resources as an opportunity, not a curse.

Can you make music with a cell phone? An ipod? A piece of paper? Your voice? An old computer that someone wants to throw away?

Often artistry is most recognizable when the medium is most lacking!

Anyone can teach a bright student. Anyone can have a great technology program with an unlimited budget.

The creative minds go past what they HAVE and see what they CAN BE.

Think possibilities not limitations! The mindset is all of the difference in the world!

(And take time to laugh for goodness sakes!)

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