eLearn's 2008 predictions and my response

In response to eLearn's predictions for 2008, ( hat tip to Karl Kapp and Stephen Downes) I had to leave a comment that I share with you. Although the "experts" cited are all amazing, it struck me that teachers continue to be "at the bottom of the food chain."

Here is my prediction:

I think it is very important to include classroom teachers in these discussions. I was bothered that no "experts" of that nature were included. So, here is my prediction.

The grassroots movement of teachers to connect will become more pronounced in 2008 with administrators, researchers, and consultants having to take notice. Teachers will wonder why they need "facilitators" when it is more efficiently done themselves and districts will realize that teachers need time to be "teacherpreneurs" as they create and collaborate on projects with their colleagues around the world. E-Learning will become an integral part of the face to face classroom with students learning to collaborate not only with their seatmate but with teammates from around the world.

What are your predictions?

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