If you were me for a day, what would you say?

I'm inspired by Doug Johnson inviting a person he met on a discussion board to post on his blog. Yohe on Squishy Standards is one of my favorite blog posts in a while and it was written by a non-blogger.

So, take a deep breath, this is what I'm doing.

We need a way for non-bloggers to join in the edublogosphere besides commenting.

So, here is my question...

If you were Cool Cat Teacher for a day... what would you say?

Write your response and either email it to me at coolcatteacher [at] gmail.com OR share the google doc with me. I'll either:
  1. Offer advice on how to get it better
  2. Post it on my blog
  3. Include an excerpt in an upcoming blog post

Also use this template at the top:

Name: (full or first name last initial)
Your School or Organization:
Your website(s) - if any.
How someone should contact you (if you'll allow it)
Copyright information -- it will be copyrighted to you.

I prefer that infrequent (less than 4 times a month), beginning (less than 2 months) or non-bloggers submit. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE and the offer stays open (until I have to close it.) Vendors, this is not for you... I prefer educators or administrators who are practicing.

Remember to hyperlink and cite sources.

I hope someone will take me up on the offer.... it might just change your life!

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