Warning: Blogging & Twittering may be harmful to your health

An interesting article from LifeScience highlighting studies equating technology addiction to that of being addicted to drugs. In fact, the article says:

"* Another research paper, published in 2007 in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology by a psychiatrist at Tel Aviv University, recommended that Internet addiction be regarded as an extreme disorder on par with gambling, sex addiction and kleptomania."
Honestly, I think that anything that becomes addictive and trumps face to face OR relationships with others can be harmful. Relationships with my own family has been strengthened by instant messenger and facebook so one has to be careful interpreting this.

It is important to achieve balance, which is why I teach my own kids to "time themselves" while playing video games.

Self discipline is important to learn (and teach.) Honestly, it is why we SHOULD blog myspace and facebook at school. It is addictive.

Meanwhile, this story is going to make a great question of the week for my student bloggers.

I like how the article ends:

"The first thing to do is take a long, hard look at how you are using technologies, and then to start to set some limits," he said. "You have to take off a couple hours and make those hours important enough that you don't allow yourself to be interrupted. I think we should have certain rules. We don’t break up, fire people or break traumatic news to people via e-mail or text message." "

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