Can you say $75 laptop?

After the post I wrote yesterday about the evolution of paper and the $400 laptops, this from the New York Times, "Former OLPC CTO aims to create $75 laptop."

There have been several responses in the blogosphere.

Stephen Downes quotes Seb Schmoller's write up. (Seb is a new one to me.) Stephen says:

"This item captures what will be theme in the year to come, the Flash-memory based computer (and associated computing devices). I even say a card today on which you attach various components - video camera, touch screen, etc., and build our own Flash-based computer on the fly. As Seb Schmoller says, the OLPC was just the beginning."

Yes, OLPC may never make a dime, but they have shown it can be done.

We must ask ourselves, when computing becomes ubiquitous, what will we do?

We must also understand that computing has become ubiquitous in the form of cell phones and we've done a pretty poor job of handling that.

I taught my students (who had unlimited texting) how to text Google for definitions and driving directions as well as translations. Why should they be using a dictionary or glossary when the answer is right there? Shouldn't we look at efficiency or must we forever tether them to the posts that we grew up with?

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