Horizon Report 2008 is available now for download

Although the report will officially announced on Monday at Educause in San Antonio, the Horizon 2008 Report is available now for download and the Horizon Project wiki is available for viewing.

We're planning some new amazing things for the April/May Horizon Project (see last year's project.)

In addition to analyzing the MetaTrends of the last 5 years, this report outlines the major emerging technologies for college level education in the next 5 years including:

1 year or less
  • Grassroots Video
  • Collaboration Webs
2-3 years
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Data Mashups
4-5 years
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Social Operating Systems
What I love best is the tagging standard -- you can add examples of your own using delicious.
2008 tagged items http://del.icio.us/tag/hz08 How do I del.icio.us it?
So, if you find something on collective intelligence tag it hz08 and leave a space and tag it collectiveintelligence. Then it will show up in delicious. We will use these tags in our student project as well.

How they wrote the report

The process of participating in this was amazing (Julie Lindsay and I were on the advisory board) and has given us a lot of insight that we will apply to our own projects... Larry Johnson is an amazing leader as is Alan Levine. The examples and information are incredible.

Who should read the report?
I believe that all educators, particularly those in a college setting should read this report, if only to have an opinion. It should also be studied by preservice teachers to understand what they are getting students ready for. I often hear that schools of education are the slowest to adopt and understand these trends.

We have got to get in the habit of change

This seems counterintuitive, however, the only constant now is change. As I like to say "When you're green you're growing and when you're ripe, you rot." We need more "green" people who are willing to learn new things at those levels. Be green. Stay green. (And I'm not talking global warming, but that too!)

I look forward to discussing these trends more in the future. Goodnight!

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