New Way to Share: Google Reader links Shared Items with gtalk friends

While going into Google Reader, I was notified that my shared items are now available to everyone who is my friend on gtalk.

This is really neat, however, I still love my account. (Those of you who subscribe to my feedburner feed get my delicious links automatically -- something many of you say you really like.)

This is a great new thing in Google reader, however, I'm not overly eager to add everyone to my gtalk in order to share, as that is something I use regularly as my turbo communications tool. I can use a tool to add the shared clips to my blog, if I wanted to.

So, I'll use it for what it is, however, delicious will continue to be my bookmarking tool of choice. It is good to know.

I still use bloglines for RSS as it generates my blogroll, however, I like to read in Google reader.. it is just faster. (And I LOVE my igoogle startup page.)

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