Go to Educon this morning: 10:00 EST! FREE ONLINE & LIVE!

If they could hear me up there in Philadelphia at Educon, they'd hear me clapping my hands.

The Educon page over on edtechtalk is beautifully primed and ready for the meetings that will take place a scant hour and a half from now. This is the conference I've always dreamed of, put on by a bunch of folks who believe in the future of education. WE CAN ALL ATTEND!

So, get out that laptop, put on those headphones, hitch up your skivvies and get ready to go to educon. (Oh, and you can also go to second life and read other info on how to join in the day.)

Chris Lehman, I applaud you. I was really upset because I could have either cut out some Christmas for the kids or gone to educon and of course the kids won out. This work over at edtechtalk has me excited!

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