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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Frustrations of Finding the Audio & Video for Student Films

OK, so I have a little money -- not a lot, but a little. (Around $2000 give or take.)

I need to get:

A Camera -

I have one with DV tape but it is terrible to get onto the computer and keeps dropping frames. I WANT one with a hard drive (they just go for longer) and am very interested in the Canon HG10 AVCHD 40GB High Definition Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom which from what I understand films in the coveted 24p cinema mode, however, my book Filmmaking for Teens: Pulling Off Your Shorts (which I HIGHLY recommend for anyone doing film in their class, says I HAVE to get a 3 chip camera and it looks like the Canon HG10 doesn't have that. The book also says I need: manual focus, white balance, audio in, image stabilization, and progressive scan. I also need to figure out what to do about a CLear UV filter that my book says I need to protect the lens.

2) Microphone -
This is where I'm having a TERRIBLE time. I need a shotgun microphone ideally with a Wind Eliminator (fuzzy sock). I am also a little confused about the XLR Cables and XLR Adapter that I'm supposed to get and the Boom Pole that I need unless we just make one.

3) Lights - I am probably going to have to rig one up from the hardware store supplies mentioned in the book but might be interested in a professional lighting kit. I KNOW NOTHING about this.

OK, so

I have Headphones and a Tripod already so I think we're OK there.

So, as I've done before, perhaps there are some people struggling. I've created a wiki page for you to help me formulate the best way to do this under an extremely small budget. Edit there or leave me a note here.

And please, don't make me feel stupid! I've been struggling for a month with this and researched for so many hours. I feel so dumb and need to place this order this week. HELP!!!!! (Or tell me who to call!)
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