Opening Keynote: Educon

Photo from Will Richardson.

I'm amazed at how Ryan Bretag is live blogging the keynote using the tool I'm watching on ustream.

Here is the transcript of the ustream chat of those of us watching.

9:39 mediasnackers : hey all :)
09:39 JackieB : @coolcatteacher - There's a max?
09:39 fsinfo : - IL-TCE conference in a month - are you going?
09:39 mmiller7571 : I can see it on the wiki edcontv link
09:39 mediasnackers : from wales in the UK
09:39 coolcatteacher : Yeah I'm FINALL"Y in.
09:40 fsinfo : coolcatteacher is a spotlight at IL-TCE!! Yeah
09:40 coolcatteacher : We want community, that is true. I believe we should call every students name every day.
09:40 coolcatteacher : @fsinfo - Looking forward to it.
09:40 techicebreaker : Hi DK
09:40 mediasnackers : eeeks to the clipart - haha
09:40 mmiller7571 : I can't see chat on wiki only speaker have to go back and forth to see chat
09:40 coolcatteacher : I believe in smaller high schools!!! But of course I teach at one.
09:40 JackieB : fsinfo - I'm trying to convince my admin I should go.
09:41 coolcatteacher : @mmiller7571 - Go here -
09:41 budtheteacher : Smaller schools, human relationships - all good things.
09:41 coolcatteacher : @JackieB - I'd love to meet you.
09:41 fsinfo : be back later - going to stay loggged in just in case.
09:41 coolcatteacher : I think big schools can have subgroups to personalize it.
09:41 techicebreaker : How do you offer electives at smaller schools?
09:41 JackieB : Vicki - I'd love to meet you too!
09:41 coolcatteacher : @techicebreaker - You can do it with virtual high schools -- we have electives, but also expand ap offerings w/online courses.
09:41 JackieB : I'm just not sure how much more time I can take off. We'll see.
09:42 coolcatteacher : @JackieB That is how it is with me, why I couldn't go to educon.
09:42 JackieB : I worked at a small school for 7 years. I loved really knowing every student.
09:42 mjclausen-1 : @techicebreaker rethinking certification requirements would help...
09:43 coolcatteacher : I wish there was an open source certification. There are so many battling industry certifications.
09:43 mediasnackers : ooooh colours
09:43 coolcatteacher : Does green promote learning?
09:44 CrzyVermontTchr : Good morning and greetings from Vermont
09:44 HeyMilly-2 : Hey from New Zealand!
09:44 JackieB : Good Morning!
09:44 mediasnackers : hey vermount and NZ :)
09:44 wcgaskins : Hello from South Carolina
09:44 CrzyVermontTchr : Hi Media
09:44 jstearns : Hello from Los Angeles
09:44 mjclausen-1 : Anyone know if the presentation slides are available online?
09:45 mediasnackers : video really jittery here - lots of stopping and starting - hard to follow
09:45 gmwand : camera, can you stay on the slides a little longer
09:47 mediasnackers : got to go and play squash - thanks for sharing and have a great time in philly guys
09:47 mediasnackers : peace out!
09:47 HeyMilly-2 : getting a better stream but still jittery
09:48 JackieB : Bye - have a great game!
09:49 HeyMilly-2 : sla?
09:49 derrallg : science leadership academy
09:49 HeyMilly-2 : thanks
09:50 rdrunner-1 : is this the keynote?
09:50 HeyMilly-2 : yes
09:50 mmiller7571 : yes
09:50 rdrunner-1 : thanks
09:50 coolcatteacher : Good schools transcend people. However, right now it is difficult to see.
09:51 coolcatteacher : Where many of us are an island. It is the pioneers that must set the status quo and eventually the status quo will take over.
09:51 mjclausen-1 : @coolcatteacher so true, the really dynamic programs are so personality driven it is hard to imagine them without the present leadership
09:51 coolcatteacher : and then transcend the leaders, however, at this juncture I think it is still largely pioneer- driven.
09:52 coolcatteacher : I think empowerment is key.
09:52 coolcatteacher : clap clap
09:52 jstearns : distributive leadership is essential
09:52 coolcatteacher : How many people are there?

The whole time I was IM'ing Kristin Hokanson who was sitting by Louise Maine (who has a forthcoming simulpost on this blog.)

I find this interconnection fascinating and feel that we are making wagon trails that will become the freeways of tomorrow.

And everyone, please remember, that EVERYBODY IS A SOMEBODY in the edublogosphere. Come over, comment, post, and be a part. We don't the resources and time to go to these conferences, but if they are free, join in, listen, and chat.

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