I'm coming out about Kwout

I've been looking for a way to give my students more specific feedback on things on their blogs and wikis as well as to pull out best practice examples and now via Stephen Downes and Lucy Gray, here's Kwout.

I cut out a piece of Lucy's blog and posted it below. (I did this by going to the bottom of the homepage and dragging the bookmarklet to my toolbar and then I just played with it.)

The only flaw I can see is that it must be a PUBLICLY available web page -- it doesn't seem to let you snag private things, however, you can post a public page and put it in a private place...
  • At home, you snag a picture of a web page and post it in a place for your students to see. (It might be a "blocked" site but you could use the graphic in this way (unless kwout is blocked).)
  • You can use it to create posts about best practices with copies of the web page.
I seem to recall, though, that there is a website that lets you "snag" the graphic and write on it. Which one was that... or did I just dream that one night?

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