Proof that Web 2 is for All Schools: Listen to

The Wow2 show last week was amazing with Nicole Pinkard, CEO ,
Chief Technology Officer - Center for Urban School Improvement in Chicago.

For those particularly interested in what happens when Web 2.0 tools are used with inner city students or who think that these tools are only being used in "rich" private schools, think again. All schools everywhere are using these tools with great results.

The students who use the tools will be the leaders of tomorrow or at least have a headstart.

Will your students lead BECAUSE of you or DESPITE you? Ask that question.

Of interest to me was the statistic she shared at the end (I copied this from the Chat Transcript):

"OK, so I'm writing this down for the chat -- she says that at the beginning of the 6th grade year only 4% (100-96%) had literacy skills equal to those of those in silicon valley. At the end of the 6th grade year 75% of the 6th graders had literacy skills EXCEEEDING those of the students in silicon valley. The study will be widely reported in the next 2-3 months."

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